Lemurs Chemistry: Water

Lemurs Chemistry: Water is a fun, fast-paced casual game about lemurs, chemistry, and water, based on actual science.

  • Beautiful menus
  • Learn some chemistry just by playing
  • Experiment in Lab Mode
  • Play and enjoy for hours

Got Kids?

Whether you're a parent or an educator, there's never been a better way to spend some quality time and teach them something just by playing a game together—a game that everyone will genuinely enjoy.

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The New Lemurs

We make games based on science so you can have fun without feeling like you're wasting time. We believe in quality products for an honest price, with no advertising, upselling, or tracking.

People keep telling us it's a naïve way to do business, but sitting in our canalside office overlooking the beautiful city of Amsterdam, we wouldn't want to make our living any other way.

Need Anything?

Beatutiful Menus
Learn about chemistry
Experiment in lab mode
Play and enjoy